The Saint-Petersburg Submariners & Naval Veterans Club


18 ноября 2020

Jet Submarine-Operation Seawolf-EB Not planning 3 Subs-Myanmar receives Indian Sub-Japan Names Sub-China Expands Yards-Egyptian Navy New Sub-New Sub named for The Barb-New DC Navy Museum-Orca Uncrewed Sub-New DDG & Attack Sub-EB New Contract

18 октября 2020

We are happy to offer you an individual programme for any visit you make to Saint-Petersburg!
Dear Guests of Saint-Petersburg Club!

18 сентября 2020

Sub Fantastic Underwater View, Columbia Sailor unfit, Sub Collision Europe's Worst disaster 501 Swedes dead , Experience Sub Living on the Great Lakes, FAQ Vote USA, Goodbye Narwhal, Lockheed Martin builds Additional Tridents, Report on Virginia Boats

18 августа 2020

Passing of member Tim Moore-Kings Bay Canceled-First round of Thresher Docs-Report Unmanned Surface and undersea Vehicles-CNO Visits Bonhomme Richard-Grenadier chases Soviet Sub-RN near miss with ferry-Cheyenne Departs Pearl- Dynamic Mongoose 2020