18 октября 2020

We are happy to offer you an individual programme for any visit you make to Saint-Petersburg!
Dear Guests of Saint-Petersburg Club!

18 сентября 2020

Sub Fantastic Underwater View, Columbia Sailor unfit, Sub Collision Europe's Worst disaster 501 Swedes dead , Experience Sub Living on the Great Lakes, FAQ Vote USA, Goodbye Narwhal, Lockheed Martin builds Additional Tridents, Report on Virginia Boats

18 августа 2020

Passing of member Tim Moore-Kings Bay Canceled-First round of Thresher Docs-Report Unmanned Surface and undersea Vehicles-CNO Visits Bonhomme Richard-Grenadier chases Soviet Sub-RN near miss with ferry-Cheyenne Departs Pearl- Dynamic Mongoose 2020

18 июля 2020

House of Rep Funds Second Virginia-Americans of the Fourth-Singapore's New Sub-NATO Anti-Sub exercise-Russians in the Mediterranean-Report to Congress US Navy Ship Names-USV'& UUV's-Lockheed updates Sub Torpedoes-Burial Ay Sea-NAZI Sub Base Art Gallery

18 июня 2020


18 мая 2020

Very Important news from Sweden-U.S.S. Grayback found-Italian Secret Sub-Restoring 2nd Virginia for 2021-Energy Management for UUV's-More Than Tracking Russian Subs-Secret Submarine Base-Crew not ready on sub that ran aground-

18 мая 2020

Conference call Saturday 14 Mar 2020 @ 0900 Eastern Daylight Savings Time United States of America (USA)

18 мая 2020

The dates of the 2021 Swedish Congress-UK invests in UUV-China Modernization-Australian new Subs-Hypersonic Sub Weapon-Laika Russian Next Gen Sub-Electro op upgrade-Radio/It rates merge on Subs-Why did Thresher sink-Sonar Autonomous vehicle-Additional D5s

18 мая 2020

ISA/USA Officers nominations-Navy Mitigates Suspect steel-Zoom Meeting Fate of CSS Hunley-Inside a sunken U-Boat-Underway on a Nuclear Boat-Secnav Move History Museum-Secret Swedish Weapon-North Korea Submarine Base-Blue Ridge Asheville-Rebel Forts